Welcome to worship!


Are you new?

Welcome! There is a place for you at Immanuel. Whether you are a first time guest or someone who calls Immanuel “home,” we are glad you are here and pray that your time in worship is a blessing.

What is worship?

Worship is first, and foremost, a time for us to give thanks and praise to God. 

Worship is not what we get, it is what we give - to God. 

So, in worship we sing, we pray, we confess, we share the peace, and we listen to God's Word.  

We do all of this for God, in response for all God has done for us.

Should I bring my child/ren?

Absolutely YES!   

We love kids in worship. We want them surrounded by caring adults who are showing them how to worship God. We do not mind if they drop a toy, giggle or wiggle during worship. That’s what God created them to do. We believe children are the key to the life of the church!


Being a parent is hard work. At Immanuel you don't have to do it alone! Here are a few Ideas to make worship easier for you and your child:

* Have an usher show you where the worship bags are and fill it with activities for your child.

* Use the rocking chair in the narthex (the area where you met the greeters/ushers as you entered)

* Say yes when the person in front of or behind you offers to hold or sit with your child. 

* Ask for help! 

What is the Connect Card?

The ushers will give you a bulletin, which is the order of the worship, and a Connect Card, which is our way of learning more about you.  

Whether you are a traveler passing through town, a visitor searching for a church to call home, or a long-time member, please complete the Connect Card.  We are so glad you are here!

Should I receive Holy Communion?

Our communion table is open to everyone who believes that Jesus died for them. If you (or your child) receives communion, place your hands together, palms up, to receive the bread. Let the wine server know whether you take grape juice or wine.  If you do not receive communion, you may place your hands in front of you or folded on the communion rail and ask Pastor for a special blessing. 

What should I wear?

You should wear clothes to church. It's the culturally appropriate thing to do.

Some wear a suit and tie. Some wear jeans and a hoodie. Some wear a dress. Some wear shorts and flip flops.  Some of our younger members have been known to wear superhero costumes.  We strongly suggest not wearing Huskers or Mizzou gear (you are in KSU & KU territory).