Education Opportunities


Sunday Morning

GIFT Class  - "Generations In Faith Together" is a cross-generational learning experience where the wisdom of the elder and the wonder of child are lifted up so that all may deepen their faith together. Bridges are built across the generations by sharing, reading, talking, playing, praying and blessing each other.  GIFT class does not meet mid-May through mid-September.

Adult Bible Class - Adults gather for an in-depth study of the Scriptures.


Holy Baptism - Lutherans believe that at baptism we receive God's grace and are welcomed into God's Family. This is God's work, not our own.  Lutheran baptisms typically occur shortly after a baby is born but we welcome everyone, regardless of age, to be baptized!  

Holy Communion - Like Baptism, Communion is a gift of God's grace. All who believe that Jesus died and rose again for the forgiveness of our sin are welcome to receive Holy Communion. Families of young children are asked to speak with Pastor before receiving communion. 

3rd Grade - Students receive Bibles on Reformation Sunday.

Confirmation Camp - Students who have completed 6th & 7th grade are expected to attend camp with Pastor and Mindy at Camp Tomah Shinga  

7th & 8th Grades - Students participate in confirmation classes where the Bible and Small Catechism are studied.  

Vacation Bible School

Each summer, typically near Memorial weekend, we offer morning Vacation Bible School for our members, neighbors, and friends in preschool through 5th grade.

Confirmation Class Resources

Worship Notes (pdf)


Participation Credit (pdf)